Manni Earrings

The Manni Earrings
are an ode to the sunflower. At the end of an organically gnarled branch, the golden
flower head opens up to unveil a center of
tigereye, which is said to bring luck to any love-related relationship.

The HS22 Collection
is inspired by the tight band between the sun and the sunflower. The
collection, Follow The Sun, is an ode to the now and the simple art of being
present. Just like all other Maanesten collections, it is crafted by hand in
Maanesten’s own workshop in Jaipur, India.

Materials: recycled sterling silver (925) plated with 18 karat gold, tigereye

Length: 24 mm and
21 mm

Item number: 9762a
800,00 kr
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